Eyo - Jump`n Run gameplay with RPG elements

Screenshot Eyo Seite 1


Current timetable:

01/13/2020: Start Alpha


Eyo Screenshot Eyoseite 2


Main Features:

  • 44 handcrafted Levels, 2 Terrains     

  • Character upgrade system

  • Large weapon and defense system

  • Exciting Story

  • Achievement system

  • Leaderboard system


Screenshot Eyo Startseite


Eyo Screenshot 2 Startseite


Eyo Screenshot 3 Startseite


Eyo Screenshot Eyo Seite 3

Main Character "Eyo"

Eyo, the main character of our game, has been redesigned several times in the development phase - but now Eyo is ready for his story.

EYO Charakter Entwicklung Developement


In Developement

Developement 1


Developement 2


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